What is Genetics ON? Private Membership Association 

Hello and Greetings, 

It is my hope that this message finds each one of you well. For centuries now we’ve had pirates in our mists, but as of late, these pirates have become ominous and outright contempt for the people. I speak of the Oligarchy that rules behind the scenes with an iron fist and taste for war and destruction as their main business endeavors. In 2023 you would need to be unconscious to miss all the despicable behavior sweeping the world over.  

We are building unincorporated relationships.  

We the People, the true voice in our Republic, have had enough, and are stepping away from the censorship and mind-numbing digital alterations that are eroding the basic sense in our society.  

Today’s youth are under fire with a consolidated narrative of false information. Each lockstep sector of the False establishment disseminates more insanity through its monolithic voice of controlled media. This iron grip steering America and the world is marching all the people right off the edge of a cliff. Their underline theme seems to only promote three basic ideologies, victimhood, violence, and serfdom.   

Be a Good and Obedient part of the solution they say. However, no one’s looking to see where their solution is leading us.  Ultimate monopoly! A technocratic prison owned and operated by the very same pirates that have plagued mankind for eons.  

Miss- information is pounded into every mind daily to reinforce this narrative of insanity, continuously furthering its deceptive objectives, and warping the foundation and nature to our free unrestricted Republic.   

This tyrannical behavior seems to specifically be haunting the medical sector, with worldwide forced injections and mass compliance through tyrannical measures without authority.   

In case You the reader has forgotten, we are all sovereigns by birthright, without needing to join a jurisdiction of rule. We are the descendants of free people, who have secured our Unalienable Rights.   

You are receiving this letter as a request to help Our cause, which we hope is Your cause.  

The way we see it is, either we all band together to create alternative solutions for the same problem, or we’ll all find ourselves in the same miserable position of being someone else’s property.  

That said, our strategy is simple and can accommodate most people interested in creating change for the better. We are looking to start a conversation with philanthropist investors, community members, development contributors and volunteers. We need volunteers who can contribute their time, volunteers who want to enroll their knowledge and resources, and volunteers who just want to make a difference.  

Our entire platform is being constructed through Private Membership Agreements outside of all state and federal jurisdictions. We will self-govern. Our media model is designed to connect people without restrictions or the fear of retribution to their professional careers and licenses.  

The first step towards a healthy society is to get the people heathy physically. The second step is to maintain that health while improving one’s mental and spiritual development which is the foundation to staying healthy.    

Genetic ON is a concept, not just a name. It represents the mental and physical balance required to spiritually grow. A healthy mind and body can go far, but the opposite is also true. For this reason, we are helping humans to learn to turn ON the best in themselves.  

Our story is a work in progress, “one can lead a horse to water, but only the horse may drink the water”.  

Private Member Agreements have had a long and successful history including being used in venues such as alcohol sales. If fact, a good example of such a use case came in the ending of prohibition in the example cited later in this letter. (Side note) Prohibition was an unlawful act from the beginning, and no such real law could have been passed that would have interfered with the Constitution.  

We live in a world controlled by the British Accredited Registry or BAR and are ruled by statutory laws or code. All of which is NOT Constitutional or valid and true Law. 

This type of Rule requires our consent, and to obtain our consent, these criminal pirates have given themselves false authority to write false laws. Can you see the problem with this line of thinking? Pirates.  

Knowledge is the key to power, and that’s why these pirates keep re-writing history every ten to twenty years. It’s their trick to keep us in the dark and blind to our true history, which is that we’re all free and unrestricted living creatures on this earth.   

Knowing this foundation keeps this path from extending farther, and education with action can turn this insanity around entirely.  

Only we can free ourselves from this group of elite bullies that has subverted our governments through deceptive acts.  

Genetics ON is taking a stand and could use your individual and collective help.  

Our top priority is to enroll as many medical professionals as possible into our forum and begin to preserve the natural knowledge of holistic health and educate the population to refrain from becoming further bio-experiments for some deplorable descendant of a long-forgotten king.  

Second, we are offering education and facts regarding the proper cultivation and preparedness of food and medicine from plants.  

And finally, we are on a mission to transform our financial instruments of trade into something more equitable and decentralized. If you don’t already know, our entire world money supply and the issuance of that money supply come from a Private group or oligarchs known as the international Monetary Fund and their Federal reserve banking system, all which I mind you is completely private and not a part of any legitimate government. How did this happen, you ask? It’s a long story but suffice to say that all human history is completely fabricated to keep this lie perpetuating. Many of our volunteers and contributors conduct law research and have discovered several public documents that shed some light to this subject, if you would like to lean more and by getting pointed in the right direction to start your own research, reach out and we’ll forward you articles and links to content that we feel is both accurate and informative. Most of this content is written in the Universal Code of statutory laws known as the UCC.  

This is such a monumental lie that most people would rather not know the truth as it’s too painful to learn. 

As another topic of interest, we are looking at considerations for the issuing of decentralized trading certificates that would utilize blockchain identity tokens, providing both a digital and physical source of trading commodity. Additionally, we are working on launching the GenneticsON.com website and media platform into a WEB3 format to secure all of its content and make sure it’s not controlled or regulated by any false authority. If you’re not familiar with WEB3, please do some research on your own, its worth it.  

GenetisON.com is All in a Private Member Agreement outside of the jurisdictions of the Ruling Pirates and their false laws.    

A good example of how a Private Member Agreement can be used is cited below. This example deals with what is considered a controlled substance, so it demonstrates the truth regarding our individual sovereignty as upheld by the constitution and the supreme court.   

A simple example of private associations is drinking clubs in Texas.  Since prohibition was repealed in 1933, regulation of the alcoholic beverage industry was delegated to individual states.  Some states, such as Texas, allow individual counties and cities to govern the sale of alcohol.  As a result, 46 out of Texas’ 254 counties are dry, meaning that sale of alcohol is forbidden.  However, you can go to virtually any restaurant in the dry counties and simply by joining their  private associations or “drinking clubs”, and they can sell you and other members alcohol even though it is prohibited by local law!  

It is important to note that the right to associate is not limited to social or political activities.  According to the Supreme Court, this right can be utilized for business activities (e.g. sale of alcohol).  Members of a private membership association have the right to private contract under the due process liberty clause of the 5th and 14th Amendments, and states may not pass laws that impair the obligation of a contract. 

In Thomas v. Collins, 323 U.S. (an important Supreme Court case) it was determined: “Great secular causes, with small ones, are guarded. The grievances for redress of which the right of partition was insured, and with it the right of assembly, are not solely religious or political ones. And the rights of free speech and a free press are not confined to any field of human interest”. 

Under the First and Fourteenth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution and equivalent provisions of your State Constitution, you have the right to associate with fellow members and offer benefits and services that are outside of the jurisdiction, venue, and authority of State and/or Federal agencies. What could come under scrutiny and in some cases be considered a criminal act outside the use of a private association can be perfectly legal within the protection of a private member association. 

In the case of Thomas v. Collins, 323 U.S, 516 (1945)  

“The idea is not sound therefore that the First Amendments’ safeguards are wholly inapplicable to business or economic activity”.  

Private Member Agreements construct private relationships that are unincorporated, and by remaining unincorporated these relationships are outside of the jurisdiction of the corporation posing as our government. Again, I stress that you get yourself informed regarding our current government structures, it’s shocking and appalling to see what’s really happening. Private Member Agreements offer protection from losing everything you own and protection from harassment by illegitimate government agents acting for private interests. 

Some of the Common Benefits of Operating Under a Private Membership Association 

  • Operate a health/ food/ nutrition (or other type of business) association outside the jurisdiction and authority of federal and state government and agencies involving association activities. 
  • Maintain greater privacy of financial and business affairs of your association activities. 
  • Greater security of being able to continue operation in a world of changing laws and politics. 
  • Increased profits due to unrestricted and beneficial structuring and strategies not available to regulated incorporated associations. 
  • Instead of conducting business under a legal loophole, operate under a legal exemption decided by the supreme law of the land, i.e., the Supreme Court decisions interpreting the U.S. Constitution.  

Additional beneficial factors to “Genetics ON” 

Private Member Agreements do not need any authority or permission, of any kind whatsoever, from any government for their creation or for them to continue to exist and function. 

Private Member Agreements are created by and exists upon the contract authority and power that people have reserved for themselves. 

Private Member Agreements members are free to exchange any information whatsoever on any topic they choose and can speak or write about, listen to, or read any information, use or obtain any information, product, or service on any terms agreeable to any member who chooses to provide that information, product, or service within the private membership association. 

Private Member Agreements are under no general lawful/legal obligation to recognize any statutory title of public competency,
education or training (licensed persons/experts). 

Public Law, Regulations and internal Rules of administrative agencies that regulate the public do not generally reach a Private Member Agreement because they would impair, impede, obstruct or defeat the Private Member Agreement members’ ability to discuss, hear, read or speak about, print, obtain and use things which may be prohibited to be disclosed to or used by the public unless the private membership association commits a nefarious act which means some form of human rights violation or evil act against another human. 

Private Member Agreements generally fall outside the jurisdiction of Public Law, Regulations and internal Rules of administrative agencies including, but not limited to, the Public Law that created the FDA and other agencies. 

A Private Membership Association is men and woman collectively asserting and standing upon their secured perfect rights to assemble and associate; their reserved authority; their pre-existing claim to absolute authority and control over the health of their own body, mind and spirit and rights (hereinafter collectively referred to simply as “rights”) Private Member Agreements function by the members acting as people, in their real private character and capacity,….
“No State can make a law that impairs the obligation of a contract” and therefore is without jurisdiction. 

All businesses and industries possess the ability to remove their business from the jurisdiction of public law and to implement the protections of operating within the private domain.  

In today’s upside-down world, business leaders are not taught to seek these protections and are educated (indoctrinated) to operate all businesses in compliance with and subject to false public law. There is a better answer! Private Member Agreements! 

We are asking for FREEDOM loving men and women to get in touch and let’s start a refreshing conversation, Freedom awaits. 

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