Story-Time hour with Good Old “Uncle Humor”

Story-Time hour with Good Old “Uncle Humor”

Once upon a time in the land of doughnuts a group of salty bagel rolled into town…..

At first the salty bagels merely bumped into the doughnuts, but then, they squatted a small piece of land and claimed it as their own….so the doughnuts gave the salty bagels a little room….and left them to be hoping that they would become good neighbors.

Not so long after the bagels unlawfully squatted, they ate the toes off the maple bars, claiming it was a requirement “so as to not starve”…although the doughnuts did not agree with the salty bagel’s actions, they did not make the bagels leave…

Only a small amount of time had elapsed and the salty bagels were at it again, they attacked the maple bars once more and ate more than half this time before finally stopping…plus they took several bites out of the glazed and jelly doughnuts as well….. this made the rest of the doughnut community very angry, so they warned the bagels, and told the bagels to behave or else….

The bagels immediately called the Acme Bagel Corporation to complain and filled an official complaint. Acme Bagel Corporation answered the compliant by yelling at the doughnuts and waiving their rolling pins with threats to smash ALL the doughnuts if they didn’t cooperate with the bagels…..this worked and the doughnuts stopped their opposition to the bagels….

A little time passed…. and …. soon again…the salty bagels took another bite out of the maple bars, only this time they ate so much, they almost wiped out the entire community of maple bars before stopping…this made the maple bars very mad so they contacted the entire box of doughnuts in an emergency doughnut leader meeting….the meeting resulted in the creation of a treaty to keep the salty bagels contained to a geographic area that they could call their own….this satisfied the salty bagels for a little while as they had now a place of their own in doughnut town….

Unfortunately, the bagels did not obey the treaty and immediately started eating parts of the doughnuts at will, and soon enough they had eaten over half of each of the doughnuts living near them…

The very greedy salty bagels were finally forced to stop when the Whole box of doughnuts stepped in and aimed their rolling pins at the bagels in unison…this stopped the bagels for a while but required ALL the doughnuts to keep their rolling pins on hand in case the bagels got out of line again….

Now that the bagels had their own location, they built a wall around their prized “Bagel Ville” and told all the doughnuts to stay out….I wonder why?

Soon again the salty bagels started eating their neighbors without out warning and by the time they stopped they had eaten most of the maple bars leaving only a small group… and only leaving a small narrow piece of land, known today as the maple strip…

The doughnut community reminded the salty bagels to stop their eating or else, but they have not listened to logic or obeyed the doughnuts treaties… and now the bagels have decided to eat the last of the maple bars…pure evil doughnutcide.

Times are changing, so how should the Doughnuts deal with the salty bagels situation, after all, they’ve already tried to make the bagels at home in the doughnut box, but that wasn’t good enough? The question for the reader is simply this…..“When is EVIL Right?”

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