Once Upon a Time

For those of You that are “aware” and “awake”, a few “Questions to ponder?”

      This short essay will draw some light into basic concepts that must be observed if we are ever to change our fate as a people.

Corruption is so apparent these days that you would need to be in a coma to miss all the lies and distractions being pushed by politicians and the mainstream media. It’s become so rampant that finding anything factual from the mainstream is rare if ever at all.

Daily choreographed news clips help the population decide what to think. Moreover, this information frenzy controls what you do. Habits such as where you go, or what you should eat, or other topics like how you should feel about a particular subject, or not, ultimately influencing the entire population’s daily habits and activities. We are constantly under indoctrination, and this indoctrination is reinforced by the mass compliance that’s seen everywhere. Each generation is spun with contradicting facts to that of the one previous. This tactic works very well, and in the USA, we call it the United States of Amnesia for a reason. Last year’s facts are replaced with this year’s pop culture.

Most people have heard the old saying, “All roads lead to Rome”, but have you ever thought about where this saying comes from?

Answer: Because all the land, water, and material goods of this world, including the people, is claimed to be owned by the inheritors of the Roman Empire. Well, who’s that you ask? That’s where this story gets complicated on the surface, but with a little digging we will reveal it all.

A few Questions to think about……………………..

Q) Who is controlling the world?

Q) And by what method are these individuals using to control the world?

Q) What connects all people? Who controls the transmission of this? (e.g.) -the electromagnetic spectrum

Q) Do you own any of the information posted online? Who does? And where is it kept?

Q) Who owns the media? Is it the paid sponsors? Is it the (Youtubes), (Facebooks) or (Twitters) of the world?

Q) Who owns and controls the education system? (K-12 and colleges) (University) (Legal systems) etc.. These questions are relatively simple to answer, it’s NOT the People.

You see if the controllers keep you ignorant and in fear, you are more likely to be subservient to their evil agendas without resistance. And to be blunt, it’s working extremely well for most of the population. Had you ever wondered what happen to all the kings and queens of the past? Or their heirs? Before we go through some answers to these questions, did you know that a multi-trillion-dollar cartel named Blackrock, Vanguard, and State Street Bank, which are private holding companies for some very wealthy families, claims to own most of the physical assets in the world, including all the land and the people. Where have I heard this before, oh yeh, in the phrase, “all roads lead to Rome”. So, it’s safe to consider that the kings and queens of yesterday have become muti-national corporations today. But is there more to the story? Absolutely. You see, the kings and queens of yesteryear had to change their methods of ruling over populations without being seen, otherwise, as history shows, the people would eventually revolt. To stay hidden from the population, they, the kings and queens, came up with a scheme to stay hidden and remain in control. So that I don’t need to get long winded, I will break it down for you in chronological order.

The Roman empire touched all corners of the world, and how we can know this is simple, they left buildings everywhere. The buildings we would call our capital buildings and libraries, are just repurposed roman buildings that are literally on every continent and even in the most remote locations, including the deserts of the middle east and the jungles in Africa and Asia. If you go to the Philippines or Tennessee you’ll find the exact same buildings, same time period and same architecture. Go through Europe or Africa and you will find the same thing. The fact is that no matter where you go you will find the same buildings. These can be seen in four phases, original structures, ruins, renovated structures, and buried structures. All have the same construction methods and use the same materials regardless of their location.

That fact alone should draw some questions, like, how does one build such a structure made of granite and rock in the middle of a jungle and no nearby quarry. Or how did they move this material without roads and modern cranes and machinery? The list goes on and on.

Regardless of how they were built, they were indeed built. The next question should be why did they need such structures in the first place? And if they built them in ye olden days, why don’t we know how to rebuild this information today?

These are just some of the top-level questions that pop into my mind when I consider the possibilities.

Back to the listed questions above. Who are the folks in charge of the world currently?

The answer might be as shocking as it is simple, “the great-great-great grandchildren of the Kings and Queens or yesteryear”. But it goes deeper than that, you see, they are no longer kings and queens, they are overlords. Fact is that these new overlords are also something that’s kin to wizards and witches.

Now before I lose you, take the time to keep reading, it will make sense, and I use those phrases with a little tongue and cheek, but not much.

OK, so I said I would break it down chronologically, so here goes….

In previous centuries we appear to have had some severe wars that would be considered world wars. This would include large conflicts that involved most of the known continents. The reason we can know this information today is because of the ruins left behind by the devastation during these wars. In several of these locations we can see transformations to the landscape as well, further supporting the idea that great wars took place.

A quick side note, the destruction found in these sites could be classified as executions rather than wars, and here’s why; you see, the vitrification process is found in most of the ruins after their devastated, leading one to conclude that electromagnetic weapons were involved to create the vitrification of the rock structures.

This type of technology is referred to in today’s language as free electron lasers or Direct Energy Weapons (DEW’s). And I am personally of the believe that these technologies have been around for quite a long time, maybe thousands of years. (Hence the earlier statement regarding wizards and witches)

The buildings are all aged similarly, so we know whoever built them used the same technologies. Also, remember that they almost all use the same base materials for construction, which is granite and limestone regardless of wherever they’re located.

Next, we see the same pattern with most of the major modern cities of the world. All having had a severe fire that forced the entire city to be rebuilt. Most of this scenario takes place in the mid late nineteenth century. If you have ever taken an underground tour in a major city, you can understand where I’ll be headed with this conclusion.

If one is to take a casual look at the underground structures, they would immediately notice the Roman columns and the Roman architecture. All these burned cities in my opinion are intentional and serve the same purpose, all wars are designed to strike these specific locations to remove the evidence.

Look at southeast Asia for instance, why did Cambodia get bombed so much? In fact, Cambodia had more bomb raids campaigned on it than any other country in Asia during the late 60’s and early 70’s., and it was never actually in the war. So why? To hide the massive amounts of structures, most of which were located deep in the jungles and Vietnam was more or less cover for action.

So, who were these people? Well, the Romans of course. But remember the Roman empire is said to have spanned centuries, and to all corners of the world. So, from that little bit of information, we can guess that the Roman Empire would have been largely made up of people from all the corners of the earth as well, meaning different colors, sizes, and shapes. And it’s likely that these people would have been made royal families as well as governor rulers. So, who controls the world?

Now let’s jump forward to moder times, and start with the 1840’s. It appears the royal Crown of the English, who are interwoven with the Dutch and Germanic royals seemed to be the head of the Empire as far as visibility, but the real Roman Empire has always been controlled by the Vatican since the beginning. I believe the Royal family idea is a decoy to deflect attention from the Vatican and its practices.

Moving just a little more forward in time we see a massive push to destroy building again, this came in the civil war in the United States and several European wars that are not in the history books. To be clear, I don’t subscribe to much if any history, it’s been re-written to frame the Royals as benevolent and righteous, which they are most certainly not.

Another clue is the heirs of the Royals and their agendas over the past hundred or so years, they pretty much hide in plain sight. So, with a little digging and some common sense, one can figure out quickly who’s been in charge. Also, the largest clue comes from how we’re controlled as a species today, it possesses all the hallmarks of a controlled narration without any spontaneous events.

The technology we use, the education we’re allowed to know, the same families seem to have their fingers in everything we do. They own the bulk of all things, including the world’s money supplies and legal systems. These are very much instituted ideas that only benefit the same oligarchy.

Moving forward again we find the same footprint unrolled throughout the world with the same stages of development regardless of what year we look at. Once the plan worked in one place, they simply transferred it to another place and staged the indoctrination again. Wash rinse repeat.

SO how do we conclude our final thought you ask?

A long time ago, in a not so far off place, an insecure inbred group of weak people thought up the idea that they were better than that of their neighbor and decided to commit deceitful acts to prove it. Please re-read that sentence, its simplicity is its strength.

In case you’re wondering if my explanation can be true, here’s one final thought to walk away with.

Why are our skies being sprayed with chemical cocktails that serve to manipulate the climate, all in a extremely destructive way I mind you, and why are we the people not allowed to speak out about this devastation without being ridiculed, even though anyone can witness this activity daily by just looking up and into the sky, and why are we the people required to be subservient to false authorities, and why are we being subjected to forced medical experimentation, and why is the world’s money supply, and legal systems, and health care systems, and food production, and ALL oversight committees, and everything else completely owned and controlled by private corporations posing as government offices and why have All Governments been converted into fictitious corporations rather than legitimate governments, and WHY is everything controlled by the same oligarchy that has been mentioned, simple……..because we let them get away with it, how stupid, don’t ya think, guillotine!

[Heavy Emphasis added]

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