Just Another Opinion 

Just Another Opinion

To all I say………..

 “The Emperor has NO Clothes”!

Is our society so blind as to believe this charade any further?

Has it become criminal to be intelligent?

Rhetorical of course.

We really are that gullible and by design.

It’s sad but true. We have been manipulated into our own fantasies. We are ruled by pedophile slave-trading criminal families that have plundered all through history.

This is a fact, so let’s get right into the “how they’re pulling this off”. Chemicals and radiation are the short answer.

I can only assert from the staggering evidence, that these are the primary causes. It’s really that simple. And in fact, in the next couple of paragraphs, I will cite a few examples that are in current use. You should be able to draw some conclusions as to the delivery mechanism.

Let’s start with radio frequency or RF. It’s the obvious topic that’s being removed from all conversations. That’s a huge issue and should be the ultimate RED flag, but it goes deeper.

Not only is this topic not allowed to be spoken about in a public forum, but it’s being also suppressed on every level.


That’s the 100 trillion-dollar question.

Literally! It might be estimated even higher.

Before I confuse you, let me spell it out, blow by blow as to how we’re being hit.  Pay attention, it’s not hard to understand the elite’s main business practices, it’s always been and still is SLAVERY!

The global inbreed elites play a charade that the world is divided into countries and the like. It’s all a game to divide the people of the world. It works rather well too. It’s been done this way since the beginning of written history, secrets, unfortunately.

They pit one group against the other, all the while they play both sides. The bad news is that this sinister game is getting a giant upgrade for the worse.

It’s a fact that the governments of the world work together to trade secretes and knowledge. It makes no difference what you think, all leaders from every country meet and takes orders from a small group of oligarch ass-munches. These clowns are completely out of touch with nature and what it means to be human.

They’re also stark fucking mad! Not playing with a full deck if you will.

Let me explain. Besides believing that they have a divine birthright to lead everything on earth, and literally worship Satan, as if those weren’t bad enough, they want to mutate our species without telling us it’s being done.

Sounds pretty fucked up. But it’s much worse as you will soon find out. Their plan includes re-writing the human genome and terraforming the geology of earth to accomplish this. You heard that correctly.

Let’s start with part one of that statement.

This idea is straightforward. Human biology and all biology for that matter operate very differently than what’s been expressed through books and in medical schools.

In fact, unless you’re directly involved in this research field, you probably don’t know much.

It’s a mess. And it’s intentional. This mess has been created along with all the other bullshit historical facts.

It muddies up the waters of real history so its easier to agree to it rather than to truly observe it and record it.

It’s always a well-executed and coordinated act. Nothing happens by chance or randomness.

Modern science is complete “Hogg wash”. It’s created to steer the narrative. Nothing more than an advertisement for the institution putting it out.

It’s a very closed system of complete top-down control over every institution and governmental agency on the planet.

Back to biology, for starters, nothing is true as far as the explanations given in the Itmodern text. Its all lies to promote the narrative and controlling infrastructure.

Germ theory is exactly that, a theory, and not even a good one at that. It’sit’s not at all accurate or remotely characteristic of reality.

This ideology only benefited the creator’s narrative. Can you guess who always narrates our lives and technology development?  The wonderful inbreed oligarchs hiding behind all the drama in our world.

I digress, back to biology. It works exactly as radio single mechanics. The cellular nuclei are stimulated by vibrations in the surrounding environment, we will call this resonance.

This vibration is transposed into data sets and a chemical reaction starts. The development of all life starts inside the cell nuclei at the quantum level prior to any interaction with molecules.

This is a feedback loop and describes communication between cells and the environment through frequency transmission. These transmissions are taking place constantly with every biological cell found on the terrestrial surface.

It’s this signaling we call consciousness.

This signal also produces the living surface, it stimulates what we call the earth. It is found throughout the realm.  Plants, birds, bugs, humans, and even water receive this signal.

It’s cymatics expressing outward patterns through visualization.

Motion slows down when we experience matter. It’s otherwise buzzing patterns from the signal we call the creator, whatever that is.

Back to these elite ass-pirates, they’ve used their stolen wealth to take control over most, if not all the major resources on earth, to transform it according to their insane desires.

Our technology advancement has always maintained a flow directly from their narrative. We’ve only been allowed certain technology advancements, all others are purchased and shelved or destroyed.

Trust me, many smart people have already solved every major problem known to man, they’ve just had their solutions suppressed and buried in a sea of foul play.

These global moronic clowns think hijacking the electromagnetic fields surrounding the earth and altering them is just fine and dandy. They also think hijacking the human genome through ribulose nucleic acid therapies is acceptable. Did I mention they are doing this both illegally and without your consent?

Again, this is a fact.

Let me break this all down for you. Radio Frequency (RF) is electricity, plain and simple. The various bands distribute patterns. These patterns are received by various types of biological receivers, known as neuron synapses.

These are hardware terminals for the electrical signal. These terminals can be interfered with just like radio signals, and like radio signals can carry outside bands as a delivery envelope.

That means they can be used to deliver specific wavebands besides the main signal being broadcast.

That is to say that waves can become carriers like pharmaceuticals. And just like unwanted side effects from pharmaceutical products, waves can be administered without the subject knowing and have severe and very harmful effects on our biology.

This is the primary degradation we see in human development in the past thirty years.

Electromagnetic disturbance has built big pharma. Pills are poison. The chemicals we use in our daily lives explain all diseases. It’s no coincidence that our modern scripted lives follow the advancement of diseases. We are being poisoned by chemicals and radiation at every turn.

This is just the ancillary slow kill, the situation looming is so much worse, it’s almost hard to describe.

Modern supposed Wi-Fi towers are simply large high-powered transmitters. Skip all of the other definitions you’ve heard just for this thought.

These transmitters are capable of broadcasting in ranges that not only have direct effects on our cell nuclei, but they can terraform the terrestrial landscape of other living creatures such as plants and algae.

Consider another one of the nefarious activities these assholes have undertaken, which is spraying various chemical cocktails into the atmosphere.

Yes, they spray chemicals everywhere on earth to control… weather…people…food… essentially everything.

I’m not trying to convince the stupid ones here, so if you have looked up and wondered what the hell you’re seeing, that’s it.

Other compounds are known to cause disease and biological disruptions are put into the food system and public drinking water.

Nano is the new thing, and it might be the last. This subject gets even more nefarious as if that were even possible.

This type of tech is very misunderstood by the public. We’ve been sold on the miracle uses. Owned and developed by the war profiteers, one must be very naive to think the overlords would ever intend to use this kind of tech for anything benevolent.

Nanotech is not only scary but also horror sci-fi to those of us who understand it.

Imagine creating dust particles that are RFID chips and can be assembled into various two- or three-dimensional shapes with magnetic stimulation.

Magnetic stimulation can be from RF signal. Radio signal operates this dust. It can be liquid or solid or two-dimensional, it can be in one or more of these states of existence at the same time. It can operate independently or in unison.

This is shape-shifting magic dust, otherwise known as graphene. Graphene can be made into many applications for various uses. Graphene is the ultimate nano-size clay to shape one’s desires and is the perfect stealth intruder.

It’s virtually undetectable. Its size is the perfect hiding place, right in plain sight without ever being seen.

Without the proper tools, this material is invisible to sensors and detectors.

Unless you look for the resonant frequency, graphene is undetectable by most modern tools standards.

This is another point of reference, the power that should not be are covering the entire agriculture system with this material for our good, so they say.

That sounds insane just saying it out loud.

Yes, this is also a known fact. These idiots think this will benefit humanity…utterly the most insane idea ever.

These dust flakes are small microprocessors essentially. That means they can provide geo data information as well as many other attributes.

STOP and think about what has just been said.

Small computer chips, smaller than our detectors, have been sprinkled around the entire earth.

This includes contaminating all of the food and water supplies, whichgeo-data also means this material has infested all living and growing organisms as well.

It’s true and hard to believe.

This is just one more bad example of how out of control the money printing families have become.

Anything goes without consequences.

Wow is all I can say. This is absurd on so many levels.

Here’s another interesting fact, graphene can bind with other nifty properties making it super awesome for designing electronics and circuits.

Its also a superheat and conductive material, making it ideal for use in human biology as a mitigation tool for radiation damage.

Yeah, “internet of things” here we come…..

Are you understanding the deceit yet?

  1. Our environment has been contaminated with products using graphene as a delivery method to hijack the neurons.

  2. Radio signal regulation laws suddenly are changed to extremely unsafe levels for broadcasting

  3. Humans are being told to welcome the GREAT Reset agenda

  4. All diseases can be characterized as frequency, meaning its always in motion and can be changed by interfering signals. Look at the Cause and not the Symptom, and it makes perfect sense.

My final thoughts………………..

If humanity is to go forward, we must remove these parasites and end usuary immediately. Truth has no place in a world built on falsehoods. Science is no better than fiction when it’s controlled.

We are one voice until that last breath. We must all speak up before the whole world is forever silenced.

Everlasting Spirit

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