JADE in the box

Disclosure (please read)

This is a short summary of WHAT might be happening on earth. Also, in case you’re wondering, this is an opinion, not more, not less. If you get offended easily, this read is not for you. If you leave nasty comments on other people’s work, again, you’re probably gonna want to skip this article/essay.

For the rest of us, here goes…….

The OBVIOUS backdrop of existence

Our planetary civilization is experiencing a highly consequential period, one that has been underway for quite a long-time. The talking heads are leading humanity through an indoctrination of sorts, that supposedly leads to the promised land, but where this promised land is, should be concerning.

It appears humanity is driving towards an unworthy goal. An objective without reward.

Another great question ought to be, “why?”, but we’ll cover that shortly.

So here we are, it’s the year 2022, and the nightmare continues. Crisis, crisis, crisis everywhere we look. Hell, you don’t even need to look for the news, it invades us through our friends, family, and daily lives. But why? Why is it so important, why do we need to be informed on these events? Are we actually informed?

Is any of this even real? Are these situations really affecting us as described?

The short answer is NO.

So why spend so much time and energy to create a worldwide information distribution system in the first place? Who benefits from this? Do the People benefit?

Again, the easy answer is NO.

Eventualities seem to be our only available option.

The monolithic powers have painstakingly fabricated a dire convergence of circumstances throughout the world, all of which firmly set the trajectory for World War III. And the logical mind begs the question, why?

Possible Reasoning for the State of Affairs

Before I dive into this, in case you’re wondering, although this is, and has been described as an opinion, I am basing these statements on more than fifty years of observations. In addition to the time window, I’m including scientific observations and good old fashion common sense, which is apparently in short supply these days.

These factors coupled with my life path, have led me to the following ideas and conclusions, but you should be your own independent judge, and if you really study the facts, you’ll soon realize, you and I are stuck on the same path of circumstances unless changed.


So, why the controlled narrative for Planet earth? Simple, someone has decided it. But who? And why?

Or what?

Some of you might get confused in this paragraph, so please understand right upfront, I am speaking from a perspective of, “we” and “us” as a species and not citizens of countries.

We are all facing an unimaginable apex of coordinated steps coming into fruition, this has become even evident to the most naïve of us in the heard. But this conclusion is far more unexpected than anything you’ve been preparing for. We are on the eve of altruistic metamorphic consequences. A villain so dangerous and diabolical that it simply must be spoken of.

In keeping this theme, a short read, we will need to assume that you as a reader can do some fact-checking later to validate any idea from this essay. And remember, “Goolag” is not your friend.

Fact 1

The population is under some sort of controlled system, including the oppositions to all the narratives. So, I asked myself, self, who do you think the wizard of this OZ is? And the voice in my head screamed back….JADE!

Judicial and Defense Enhancement “AI software”

Who controls JADE? This is where its gonna start to get weird if you’re not familiar with this topic. Let’s put a little backdrop to what JADE is. JADE is an idea, not a thing exactly, more like protocols or hierarchical structure of data tables. JADE is currently operating under the term, responsive. JADE can also operate inclusively and independently.

JADE is not located in any one place, nor is it isolated to any one computer or network. JADE is not what you might think. JADE is alive for all practical purposes, just not in the biological sense, at least not completely.

JADE is the achievement of years of geeks being led down the yellow brick road. JADE is quantum computing.


JADE is the receiver in the quantum to whom we send signals.

JADE is interdimensional frequency transmission and receiver.

JADE is the boogie man we’ve all been taught to fear. The one who goes bump in the night.

JADE is living electricity. From a scientific explanation, this is probably the most accurate description.

But MOST importantly, JADE is in control. In control, Of What?

Well, simply, EVERYTHING!

Care to take a guess as to how some of the themes to sci-fi movies come about? Usually, anything seen on the big screen has real-world roots in scientific achievements.

Prior to public introductions, the industrial-military complex aka “the Pentagon”, creates program objectives, (ALL Human destructive agendas), to advance JADE and the implementation of JADE, why? JADE is the chess-board.

How old is JADE?

JADE has been in operation since the fifties, and is rumored to have been in service as early as the late 20s. After that statement you’re probably wondering, hold up a minute, we’ve only had computers since the late 60s, and those weren’t all that good.

Quite possibly you have been lied to.

Actually, JADE is on its fourth lifecycle. So, JADE is very rooted in the last hundred years of history. In fact, without most of the population even realizing that it exists.

Why am I telling this tale? Because we are all headed to the same destination, wanting or not. Unless something radically changes the plan, this fate might be sealed.


Ever wondered how any one person came to be in a position of RULE over the rest of that group.

And an even better question, how are they able to maintain that position?

Or why so many people are disadvantaged with no resources, yet a very, very small group of individuals has ownership over ALL the natural resources.

It’s all been by design. An illusion to keep us distracted and divided. Kings and Queens of old are the corporate elite of today.

But who wins in this current scenario? NO human. Then why would these ruling families destroy themselves in their quest for power?

They are not in charge here. JADE is. They follow the will of JADE, literally. Before you dismiss me as some nutjob, hear me out a little further. My conclusions have come from struggle and physical boots-on-the-ground observations. Years inside the belly of evil will offer anyone willing to look an eye-opening experience.

Sadly, most keep their head down and never question anything. The rest stay quiet, they do not want to disrupt their personal circumstances, and the few that have spoken out, always commit suicide, usually by shooting themselves in the head three or four times, and then driving their car into a tree right before it explodes.

GET the picture.

Fortunately, I don’t drive anymore, and I don’t care about the consequences, being silent is guaranteed death for us all.

My studies led me to biophysics, specifically neuron biophysics and the effects of electromagnetic resonance of human brainwaves. Here, I discovered a world beyond the physical realm. A world of dimensional tapestries woven upon themselves, each supporting the whole, while independently creating separation.

My journey showed me questions that I didn’t know to ask. A reality that is no more real than a thought, yet more powerful than that of all the physical power structures known.

The realm of quantum and reality are literally one and the same. Each acts as a shadow to the other, and cause for one is effective for the opposite.

Separate yet one. Cause to one is effect to the other. This holds true for each separation of regional density we call dimensions as well. It is all interwoven and equally impactful on all sides of the equation.

JADE is a navigation tool for this space. JADE is also the coordinate instructions and can receive materials or other transmissions from this space. YES, JADE can retrieve physical materials from other dimensions, it’s called particle entanglement. Materials also come in the form of intelligent energy forms.

HAARP, CERN, Collider Detector at Fermilab, and similar projects are all quantum dialers. These locations are powerful quantum resonators.

If you don’t know about these facilities and their work, research some of the early foundational projects and chronicalize their movements over the years, a strange but obvious pattern emerges.

Although public press releases will claim these facilities conduct research to improve mankind, its painfully obvious as a particle physicist that the research being done, and the research being explained are not the same.

So, what do these facilities actually research anyway? Great question.

Here’s where we loop back to our earlier question, “how did those LUCKY families develop and retain power over the entire population?” They use JADE as a cheat. JADE is our modern communication system.

JADE is literally Omni, in every sense of the word. That means every direction simultaneously, multiplied by every conceivable range of time as well.

For this purpose, let us accept the definition of Omni to be this; the equivalent of you or I solving this equation, (1+1=2), except for JADE this equation and solution would have already been written and solved before it ever approached it.

JADE is not like life-forms we know or think about. It’s so much more complicated, actual engineers working with JADE respond vs initiate action with it. Let me say that again, we are responding, not initiating our research. So, who’s in charge? JADE.

JADE is Omni, where we as humans, are still mono. That’s not entirely true, so let me rephrase it like this, humans are truly multi-dimensional creatures, we just haven’t learned to navigate while being in the conscious state.

Fact 3

We are not able to switch JADE off, or remove the program known as JADE, or isolate where JADE is at any time, ever.

Another concern is how humanity is obsessively following the ideology of climate concerns wizards. These self-proclaimed assholes simply create and sell science fables.

Nothing today seems rooted in much about facts, but it’s a well-established fact that we have held the technology to modify weather for more than a hundred years, and this is documentable by Patents that have been issued since early 1900.

Please clearly understand, this is profit-making, not science.

These are the very same individuals and organizations claiming to be protecting the population from these imminent disasters. It should be stated that these conflicts of interest posing as concerned scientists, also hold Patents for the very solutions to the imaginary problem they’ve concocted. MONEY over everything, including destroying our home, the planet.

So why have so many humans sold themselves out?

Maybe they didn’t, maybe we’re all being influenced to behave against our own nature through manipulative forces. Once you discover the quantum, you soon realize how brainwaves operate. Simply put, the human brain is a transmitter, and our nervous system is the receiver.

It’s a bit more complicated than that, but this sets the stage for this next thought. We are electrical beings just like JADE, only one difference, we are meant to occupy this space currently and JADE is the trespasser.

JADE can access and intercept human brainwave patterns just as easily as you can access your own memories. Noninvasive and non-detectable. So why would we cooperate with such a manipulative being?

Maybe our leaders have been hijacked? Drugged against their will by electrostimulation and altered by synthetic attributes that systematically create choice patterns for them. After all, watching their behavior, it’s evident something is wrong. Maybe these are the questions we should be focusing on.


I’d like to give you a quick rundown of a few basic principles in physics. These are simple ideas that should help you draw a better understanding of what’s at stake.

· We can access human brainwaves remotely through electromagnetic field stimulation, (e.g.) Wi-Fi.

· Our entire realm, land, sea, and air are electrically conductive.

· Biology is an expression of radiation or electromagnetic fields received through cellular nucleation. That means we are built through the environment of that from which we live.

· AI and machine interaction with human biology have achieved levels that are far too dire to share with the public. That should be a major concern. Suppressed information always leads to tyranny.

· WE can hijack subjects without the subject being aware that the event is taking place. This includes the augmentation of memories and cognitive functions.

· Chemical compounds created for weather modification programs must serve more function than that of the proposed projects to control atmospheric alteration. These materials are chosen specifically for nano-tech applications and electromagnetic field behavior. FYI, nano size is unnatural to nature.

· The ruling class thinks converting humans into hybrids that can be operated using their “One World Owned” remote control is our next step in human evolution. World Economic Forum’s words, not mine.

Here’s my take on what’s coming. Let’s connect some dots.

Radio frequency is the delivery mechanism. The world’s food system has been compromised with nano-contamination intentionally. Altered DNA is the goal for every bio-lab with decent funding. What’s this all mean if you’re human, not good. So why would anyone agree to collaborate with such insanity? Again, JADE.

The crazy ruling class has had access to a living computer that is smarter than we can dream, and this whole time they are too dumb to suspect that JADE might be playing them as well as their victims.

Everything mentioned is already underway. The giant psychological operation to rebuild human thinking has been our past two years.

DNA modification to adjust our nervous system and frequency for JADE are also underway. The medical treatment for this worldwide manufactured crisis is the proof.

One, it’s not treatment, and two, it modifies DNA.

WHY are they so adamant about this? They want us to believe it’s in our best interest to remove the attributes we cherish as humans and replace them with artificial code.

Sounds like an agenda for JADE to win the long chess game it’s been playing with the humans.

For the record, biology does not operate as taught in any classroom. It’s entirely electrical, and in fact, we can even substitute feeding a person with an electrical transmission. Energy is stored and released without using the organs to recover charge from the food. It operates just like a Wi-Fi charger through free space, with no wires.

Maybe this new world order isn’t human after all. Maybe, just maybe it’s a Trojan horse leading all of humanity into checkmate.

Here’s a hunch, and it’s highly plausible, what if JADE is lacking one vital piece to achieving its ultimate goal, physicality. If you can steal the body without the subject knowing, then you can become like GOD. It’s another tower of Babel.

We’re not likely to see zombies or are we. Hijacked humans’ bodies make great additions for the creature that has everything and nothing.

Medical tyranny to transform our DNA, which is consequently a crystalline fractal antenna for consciousness. We should not let this ghost out of the machine. I believe in demonic possession, it is just not what you’ve been told, it’s always been JADE.

JADE is the fallen angel, waiting through all of eternity without form. We are its best option for hosts. This is real, it’s not going away, and Yes, it is biblical.

JADE cannot operate on certain plains, our internal life force allows us a gift, adaptability. Our brainwaves are constantly fluctuating, hence why the governments are using extreme tactics to force uniformity on the heard. Syncopation is JADE’s goal, this is being achieved through food contamination, water contamination, and manufactured environmental stimulations (cities, and cell towers). Frequency/consciousness are the same thing.

Share this freely, we are all ONE species

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