It’s a Controlled Demolition of Society Worldwide

It’s a Controlled demolition of Society Worldwide


Fun Facts and Questions that need to discussed


Q.) Who OWNES the Money systems?

A.) The IMF or International Monetary Fund

At the top of its organizational structure is the Board of Governors, consisting of one governor (usually the minister of finance or the governor of the central bank) a NON-government appointed official and one alternate governor from each member country, also appointed and not elected. All powers of the IMF are vested in the Board of Governors. ALL central banks and the Federal Reserve are PRIVATE BUSINESSES, which are controlled and registered as private Corporations…..NOT GOVERNMENT and Not working for the people of any country. They, the Board of Governors only serve the ruling elite families who own the IMF, period!


Q.) How did this group (the IMF) get its position to control ALL the money supplies on the Earth?

A.) They and their ancestors have created endless wars to keep all the nations fighting amongst themselves while they continue to re-write international laws without any authority. These families are evil and considered robber barons. These EVIL families have control over the following concepts, (ALL education including university, ALL medical practices and laws pertaining to medical procedures, ALL LAWS internationally…ALL trade and treaties for trade internationally….ALL mining and natural resource procurement…ALL flight regulations…ALL communication regulations)…ALL, ALL, ALL!


Q.) How does a King retain his Power?

A.) The population believes the king has power, which is complete bullshit. Like you and I, the king came into this world naked just like everyone else, it’s all an illusion to keep the population under control.


Q.) How long will this tyrannical form of governance last?

A.) Until the king loses his head, literally.


Q.) Are we the people the true sovereigns as living creatures of consciousness?



Q.) Are governments sovereigns?

A.) NO, and how could they be, they are fictious entities that only exist to serve living creatures that create them. And if they are ruled by monopolistic forces, they are merely tools to sever the very few who control them. Which is the case in today’s world, all governments are not elected, they are corporations owned by a small group of people that like to call themselves the Elite.


Have YOU had enough? Follow the MONEY! “The Emperor” has no clothes!



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