Hello Me,

Its been a little while since our last conversation, I hope we’re doing well. I’d like to start off with saying, congratulations on getting through the World Purge scenario successfully. That was quite an ordeal and a huge concern of mine for a while. In case you’re wondering how I got to the future ahead of you, its really rather simple, I just projected my thoughts a few years into the future and found a doppler version ourself that was both compatible and safe. When I found ourself, I knew we could get through the incredibly difficult circumstances that we were being presented with at that time. Anyway, just so you know, we made it. I want to say a few things that are rather important, mostly because they will help us navigate this mase we’re currently facing. First, know that it’s all superficial. Second, although we’re not violent or disruptive by nature, we do need to toughen up for the coming events. It will soon appear that all is lost and that no hope exists, this is simply an illusion. The truth is, we are very much in control of our destiny and choices regardless of what we hear from the Artificial Intelligence (AI) running our media. With that said, it must be addressed immediately, ALL of the media and communications are compromised and manipulated by (AI). We won’t find this out until later this year, towards the end of Fall. Unless you are speaking through our organic mouth to someone listening with an organic ear, it’s probably being intercepted and altered, changing emotional expression originally intended. This presented a huge problem at first, the population was not aware of it, and fighting and chaos erupted everywhere, all based on miscommunication. Please be aware as you move forward that this is the case. Another thing I need to mention is we are not safe while near transmission towers and antennas, these effect our biology with electromagnetic fields and cause sickness or symptoms. (the symptoms usually appear as flu like with body pain and skin rashes or blisters) Remember, we did make it though this event, so don’t worry be happy, as the song implies, we’re gonna be ok. A couple of tips we need to remember to follow: What we think about in our heads can be manipulated if it operates on certain frequencies, meaning if we hold a negative vibration, we get negative events, and if we hold a positive thought, positive vibrations will also occur, producing positive vibes and events. USE positive vibes as often as possible, the AI has a much harder time with manipulating these frequencies. (THIS is Very Important to remember) One more thing, mind over matter is something like the statement above, whatever we think about, some version of that will appear, so concentrate on feelings and thoughts that have warm comforting feeling and add lots of details, it makes this journey not only more doable, but it also makes it worth doing. Love you me, be safe and remember, we’ve got this! See you soon when you arrive here in the future!

Sincerely Self

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