Cannabis Knowledge is CANNABIS POWER!

ARE we healthy as a species? Well, NO!

It’s obvious that many people today are suffering from pain and discomfort as well as a number of chronic ailments that make day to day activities tough or even unbearable.

Its 2024 and unelected dictators are creating false mandates, and mass population health inoculation programs using unknown toxic ingredients to foist singular world control and remove the sovereign rights of all people upon the earth.

Knowledge is Power, because with the knowledge of current events we can change the course and NOT comply.

One of the ways we can take back our power and right to be FREE is to control how we heal and treat illness. Pharmaceutical companies would like you to believe that they are the only answer when it comes to health, but this is not so, you see for millenniums people of
earth have used the healing properties of nature.

It should be mentioned here that the current health model and practice of medicine is only about 100 years old, so how did folks manage before the Rockefeller (American Medical Association) privatized monopoly on all medical practices and standards?

Simple, WE used plants as medicine, and WE ate healthy uncontaminated foods. It’s time to return to the real solution, NATURE.

Also, I would like to mention an easy to verify FACT, all disease propagation has paralleled the ever-expanding reach of the medical mafia known as Rockefeller Medicine. Each year
they introduce new chemicals into societies around the world and each year those societies experience new diseases and illness, coincidence, or planned event, you decide. Whatever you decide makes no difference, literal sickness and diseases have killed hundreds of millions of people since the unification of the medical system under the Rockefeller policies, which I should mention, Rockefeller is also the financial beneficiary to
these same policies.

Conflicts of interest are all we witness at this stage of the game, and all the supposed governmental systems we are told to trust, well they are nothing more than mere private corporations masked as public utility, such as the National Health system, which is 100 percent privately owned, and has been since its inception.

This includes the “American Medical Association”, the National Institute of Health (NIH), the “Center for Disease Control (CDC)”, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)”, and “YES” the FDA is 100% a private corporation as with all the other supposed governmental agencies.

Examples would include (USDA, UNAF, DHS, FCC, FAA, FBI, CIA) etc………

All of them are private corporations registered under the Crown Charter Registry, which means that we are a country being operated by corporations owned by the English Royal family. This fact has come to light recently in the UK, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and many European countries, as they have all been exposed to the actual registry. All these countries, including our own, have been removed from private property ownership. If you think this is not the case, just look back on the last four years. If your bodily integrity is not your own, then whose is it. If a law can be written to take away your choice with bodily autonomy, then we have no rights at all. What is happening in our society right now is a
restructuring of government into socialism/ communism. Our supposed laws have been changed without our consent and without our knowledge,
these changes disallow for private property ownership. Let that sink in.
All the above is sad, but very true.

It’s time to educate yourself and your neighbors to the truth and take control over your health. Without your Health, you have nothing.

If you’re not in charge of the most precious asset you possess, then who is?

To help our local community, we will continue to bring you solutions and information to strengthen ourselves, our resolve, and our lives.

reMAINE strong!


Knowledge is Power…. MEMBERSHIP has its PRIVILEGES!


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