B&B Distribution Network!

Support Local small BUSINESS

The B&B Network is made up of small businesses located in Maine state. We source all products and services from local craft makers in Maine. Our featured products are of the highest quality, and many handmade. Connect to hundreds of products and services across Maine state from the convenience of your home and help support the Maine economy at the local level where it counts! (Take advantage of home delivery on most products) as well as shipping of products and even local pickup near you. We are a local Veteran Owned and Ran Small Business. Thank you for your support.


Membership has its PRIVILEGES

Privacy, security, and Constitutional protection are just a few of the benefits to the members of our Private Member Agreement.

Our private network allows our members to share and discuss information (including alternative healthcare modalities) without concern for governmental sanctions.

The U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that our freedom of assembly and association cannot be violated.

Being a member of our Private Member Agreement allows us to share numerous and continuously evolving/expanding technologies, products, and information with you.

We’re local Mainers helping local Mainers make trading connections, source information, and find great local services and products.

B&B Network is a proud supporter to the continental united states of America constitution, Bill of Rights, and Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).

Visit us today at www.BBCultivation.com

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