A Daily THOUGHT with a Twist

Want to solve the World’s Greatest Need while simultaneously creating the Most important aspect of good health?

Answer (read all the way to the bottom)

“A life without choice and FREE-WILL is only the shadow of Tyranny.”

“Attention is the highest price.”

“A mind is only usable when its active.”

“Your eyes can and may deceive you sometimes, however, your smartphone will always deceive you ALL of the time.”

“To hear the voice of creation, one only needs to hear their own thoughts.”

“Saviors are made inside the hearts of strong men and woman.”

“Many speak, but only a small few listen, and even a smaller few observe, and even less act.”

“YOU are the leader that you’re looking for.”

“Tyranny is always better organized than freedom.”

And finally, a body is similar to a hive of buzzing bees, when its harmonic Buzz is out of tune, we tend to feel down or of low energy. Positive feelings and thoughts are a great way to re-tune your Buzz, and it’s a great way to smile, a smile is considered contagious, contagion is the act of spreading, or contaminating or influencing, or changing. A smile generates a chemical reaction that releases the serotonin that rejuvenates human cells and is proven to allow cells to live longer and healthier, hence a smile can change both the inside cellular YOU, and its power has the contagion-ability to affect others around YOU with the same phenomena. Happiness.

SMILE and you are healthy, and as a (bi)product you are a

“SUPER spreading of GOOD HEALTH”!

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