A call for Immediate Action is required

Hello Friend,  

A call for Immediate Action is required. 

We have wrote you this letter to bring your attention to a crisis. We are urgently calling upon all medical professionals, and research  scientists and people alike to take notice of current laws being put into place that may jeopardize professional licenses.  

We need your individual help to preserve our unalienable rights and the freedom to speak openly without retaliation. In the past few years, we have seen more and more censorship and harsh penalties being handed down for simply speaking the truth.  If we don’t band together now, we may not get a second chance.  

The medical community has been viciously attacked by political overreach with big pharma conflicts of interest to enforce false laws. These false authorities have removed all common sense to achieve their agendas and have inflicted great harm upon the people of the world.   

We need to stand together and immediately resist these unconstitutional private pirates.  

We need a functional discourse forum free from this tyrannical oppression and censorship. For this reason, we’re reaching out to you, we’re looking for contributors to write short essays containing real facts and solutions to steer our society back to a Natural and Heathy state. For this very reason, GeneticsON.com was built as a Private Member Association Blog and community resource platform to protect our privacy, our rights and ultimately ourselves. 

GeneticsON.com will both archive and preserve our basic common knowledge and offer an interactive community platform that provides medical professionals with an alternative location to hold free speech interaction with friends, peers, and patients.  

Our goal is to redesign our current construct of how we interact and disseminate knowledge, more specifically, to redefine the tried-and-true knowledge of holistic natural health. It has become painfully apparent that proven holistic knowledge is being suppressed by BIG TECH and BIG PHARMA.  

Pharmaceutical interests are eroding our societies with patentable poisons.  

Oligarch owned “Mass Media” using artificial intelligence has re-writing many medical books with false concepts and young medical students are being taught a curriculum of nonsense that promotes pharmaceutical products rather than diagnosing the root causes of diseases. Unless the medical monopoly can control the treatment with patentable therapies, it’s not taught and furthermore likely outright banned.   

We must create new methods for disseminating information regarding our health and hold open discussions regarding how to proceed forward. Without the ability to communicate, we are at the mercy of the tyrannical behavior from the oligarchy and its many minion politicians.   

The time in NOW! 

We are a grassroots organization made up of local men and women looking to rebuild our medical system and communications from the ground up, based on natural laws and accurate diagnoses of the human bio-electrical systems. Root causes of diseases are not being addressed.  

If you are ready to say NO to more BIG Pharma controlled narratives, NO to more poison posing as medical solutions, and NO to more Lies and propaganda, we ask that you consider joining our grass roots movement! 

Our focus is to hold this core value before profit, “Do NO Harm”! 

We thank you for taking the time to read this entire correspondence and encourage your involvement as a contributor to our informational archive that will appear on GenticsON.com/blog. Your words can make a difference.  

Its time like-minded Individuals band together. Our world is being changed rapidly without our consent, and we must choose to build platforms and methods that are not controlled by wealthy oligarchs.  GeneticsON.com stands for unrestricted freedom, to become the very best that our society can be, and without tyrannical governmental overreach and censorship.  

Together we can and will save this realm. This message has found you in hopes that you will do your part, please stand with us and as ONE community. 

Connect with us by going to www.GeneticsOn.com or send us a message with your comments to  UniqueOppertunity2023@gmail.com   

Please take a few minutes of your time to read through some of the articles posted, we think you’ll find it very interesting and informative, and it may seem lengthy, but we assure you it will be an eye-opening read.  

 Thank YOU. 

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